Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mini softbox mkII

The mkII version of the softbox is made from black thermoplastic sheet which makes it much more durable and slightly more attractive than the mkI cardboard version. It's stuck together using black gaffer tape with the same tracing paper used in the mkI version. This one doesn't have any tin foil lining yet as you can see in the image a lot of the light is soaked up by the black plastic. The lightweight construction of the softbox allows it to be attached to the strobe with velcro.

Thanks to all of you DIY folks especially Nickwheeleroz for his DIY soft box tutorials, they helped my project no end.

DIY pizza soft box

I needed to soften light from a single strobe for my fear and loathing project, so decided to make a cardboard softbox.

Here's the component equipment list:
2 x pizza box (with 2 large sides)
1 x A2 sheet of Tracing paper
kitchen tin foil
Double sided tape and masking tape
1 x elastic band

This brings the grand total of my cheapo pizza box softbox to about 80p tops, it will sit on the shelf like a king. until mk.2 is made. Here's an image of what it looks like in action whilst sat on a table. The pizza soft box is lined with tin foil to help reflect the light with tracing paper on the larger end to diffuse the light. This was strapped to my flashgun with a post office rubber band. Here's an image of it in action.